Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Homemade Christmas

I love a nice homemade gift. Hopefully my friends and family do too, since that's usually what they get from me! Ha ha! Here are some of the gifts I made this year. Click on the photos to enlarge.

Oliver's Card Table Tent
When I was little, my Grandma Jones made me many wonderful home-sewn gifts.  A card table house was one of them. It had my name embroidered on the door and windows with curtains. I LOVED it.  I knew I wanted to make one like it for Oliver. He told me he'd love to have a cabin. So... Here's the result.
Cabin Card Table Tent--Front
Birch Tree, Stars, Moon, and Fire
Incredibly inaccurate raspberry bushes

Fishing (the fish are compliments of my father)

A closer look at the fish. I love the bluegill best!

Gnome House
I came across this idea on Pinterest (of course). Like all things Pinterest, it looked much easier than it actually was. But, I thought it was cute and perservered. In case you can't tell, it's supposed to look like a tree trunk. I didn't take pictures from all angles, but there's a little window cut into the side.  I sewed little mushrooms around it, too. It was a gift for my cousin's son, Ben. Oliver graciously modeled the gnome-gear. Ha ha!

Last Christmas I got a metal stamping kit. I love it! I made this necklace for my aunt Marilee.

And for my Grandma Riley, an Irish necklace.

Baby Cardigan Onesie
I've been in love with these upcycled cardigan onesies. I made quite a few this Christmas, but didn't snap too many pictures. The one on the right was for Levi. For the gifts I made (like the one on the left on my very messy desk), I made little bowties and attached them to a white onesie underneath the cardigan.

 Fabric Rattle Ball
This was a gift for Levi. It's just a soft fabric ball with a rattle inside.

Key Fobs                                         
A friend asked me to make a couple of these for gifts. They're quick and easy and I love that they can be personalized.                      

Fat Santa Ornaments
Oliver and I made a few of these for teacher gifts. I made each of them a stamped necklace, too, but didn't take pictures of them. Whoops.

Baby Playmat and Burp Cloths
A friend of mine in Texas just had an adorable baby boy. I (JUST) sent this out the other day, so she may see it here first! (Hey, Becky!)

Giraffe Burp Cloths
Patchwork Playmat (terrible lighting, I know)

Disc Golf Bag
My brother loves to play disc golf. He and I picked out the fabric together. This was really a little beyond my skill level, but I got 'er done.

Christmas Dresses and Booties
My cousin had two sweet little girls right after Thanksgiving. Here are their Christmas dresses and booties.

There has been a recent bowtie movement at my school--Bowtie Thursday. I couldn't get these done before Winter Break, but a few lucky colleagues are going to get to don these suckers.

(Photos to Come)

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