Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Planting Seeds

I think about things for months (sometimes years) before I take action. This blog is no different. I suppose I've been waiting for a good time to start and the new year seems appropriate.

I am a mother, teacher, and crafter. (I do hate that word crafter. It sounds so demeaning.  What can I say instead? I make stuff. I love to sew. I make jewelry--mostly metal stamping these days. I like to create, but calling myself a creator is more than a little pretentious. So, crafter.)  This is a place where I will celebrate my family and the lessons I learn from them (and about myself) each day.  It will offer a place for rumination about teaching.  It will allow me to flush out my thinking. Finally, it will provide me with an opportunity to show you all the "stuff" I make.

I chose to call it Roots and Branches because it embodies so much about my life and my thinking.  I've always loved trees and nature and plants.  I will forever be awed by the fact that I can tuck a tiny seed into the soil, splash some water on it, and watch it grow.  I think about that a lot as a mother and as a teacher; in both cases, I am a gardener. I'm tilling the soil of young minds. What am I planting?  What will grow?  I'm proud of my own deep roots--the tilling and planting others did for me.  I'm grateful that the seeds of ideas are so plentiful, that I have so much to think about.

In essence, I hope this will serve as a place to capture those thoughts,  to share the beauty of my children as they grow, to reflect, to grapple, to talk about what I'm reading, and to share glimpses of my beautiful (often messy) life.

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