Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Good, the Bad, and the Conjunctivitis

Finals week has arrived.  The Powers That Be have provided us with a wonderfully awkward schedule, but finals week is here.  It's always a race to the end for me.  At the start of each semester I promise myself that it will be different this time.  I'll stay on top of the grading.  I'll have the final written, checked for errors, and copied well before necessary.  I will enter the new semester focused and ready with a clean desk to boot!

These are ridiculous, unrealistic notions. I have a stack of papers a mile high I haven't graded.  7,000 children have found assignments they've decided they'd like to turn in.  I'm hunting kids down who STILL need to make up the Unit 2 test.  Finals begin tomorrow and I have not yet made copies of my exam.

Such is life.

The title promises The Good, the Bad, and the Conjunctivitis.  I'll work backward.

The Conjunctivitis
Part of the reason I'm so behind is because my immune system has decided to take a vacation.  While I loved nursing Levi, I put a lot of pressure on myself to keep it up, even when working and pumping was not ideal.  It was really important to me to nurse him as long as I could and I didn't want to supplement.  Life moves fast with two kids; nursing allowed me to disconnect from what was happening around me and to take time to bond with Levi, to focus on him completely.  It definitely took a toll though.  The days whoosh by as is; making the time to pump and (gasp!) lose precious moments of productivity was hard.  It was exhausting. On top of it, he hasn't been a fabulous sleeper.  Even at 9 months he still wakes and stirs in the night.  He wants to cuddle in with Mommy.  Spoiled boy. Who did that?! Whoops.  I think the lack of sleep and the busy schedule--two kiddos, teaching, walking the dog, putting food on the table, book study-- combined to wear me out a bit.  I just haven't been terribly healthy this school year.

So, I come to this busy point in the year and I catch pink eye.  I get to stand in front of 180 tactless, rude teenagers and encourage them to study hard for their finals and be sure their notes are in order. They can't hear me.  They can't focus.  They're all laughing because some idiot somewhere told them people get pink eye because they have poop in their eye.  All day I've endured snickers as kids look at my disgusting eye.  I heard myself shout in desperation, "I don't have poop in my eye!" more than a couple times, only to hear more giggles.  Someone probably instagramed it with an unflattering caption.

What can I do?  I'm using drops, so hopefully it'll clear up soon.  In the meantime, look how hot I am...
Can you tell how red my left eye is? Gross.
 Yep... So that's the conjunctivitis (aka Poop Eye).

The Bad
A kid did something stupid today.  Our policy at school requires kids who are tardy to get an electronic pass before they come to class.  It's linked with Infinite Campus and it tracks tardies for us. This kid loves to push boundaries.  He arrived late and then refused to go get the pass.  Then he proceeded to swear up and down about why it was stupid to get a pass, at which point I had to send him to the VP.  He declined that invitation, so I had to call for a campus monitor to escort him out.  He declined the hall monitor's invitation as well and was fully prepared to be ARRESTED for disorderly conduct.  Luckily, he got smart before that happened.

I know it really wasn't about me.  I know he's got a lot of issues, but it still sucked that it happened.  I'm so grateful for my lunch bunch.  They laughed with me about it and shared a few of their own crazy-kid stories.  It's nice to know that I'm not in this alone. 

The Good
On a positive note, the fabric I ordered from Girl Charlee arrived! Yay!  If you love knits and are looking for some cute prints, check out the site! I have visions of an adorable reindeer onesie like this, a yellow chevron dress, and an infinity scarf with the feather fabric.
Beautiful knit fabric from Girl Charlee

Oliver and I hung out and drew pictures for awhile this evening. Tonight he wanted to draw a portrait of his brother.  I don't know if you can make it out, but he wrote Levi next to it.  How sweet is that?!  I love that Oliver and Levi are brothers.  I love that Oliver loves his baby brother so much.  It's so wonderful to see the way they interact and I know it will only get better. I'm a lucky momma to get to watch it all happen.

Oliver's sweet portrait of Levi. 

So that's my day... Never dull! I'm going to finish the day with Parenthood. I'm looking forward to seeing my friend Jake tomorrow, getting a bunch of papers graded, and getting the first batch of finals under my belt.  Tomorrow evening Oliver and I have a cupcake date and I'm looking forward to 2 days of family time.  It'll be interrupted with bursts of grading, but I feel lucky to have a job I love, valuable work to do, and an amazing family to share my life with. 

Good night!

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