Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Amy Krouse Rosenthal Has Died

I can't explain why this news has left me with such a sense of being punched in the gut. Because I love her?  Because she was a kindred spirit?  Because of her palpable passion for life, that she savored the tiny moments?  Because I'm as quirky as she is? Because she had such a gift for putting words on the page in a way that I could pick them up and cradle them -- they felt both familiar and surprising, like I knew them all along but just needed to hear them spoken to me?

I'm thinking about her, about the power of words and story and perspective.  And I'm thinking of something she lived by: Plan "Be," not Plan "B."  Today I will make a point to notice the small things.  To jot them down.  To be playful and passionate and poetic (well, I'll try at that last one).  I will celebrate the life I have, in honor of hers, cut short far too quickly.

Rest in Peace, you beautiful weaver of words, you splash of stardust, you whirling, magical wonder. I so deeply appreciate what you have given to the world, what you have given to me.

I'll leave you with these: two of my favorite excerpts from Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life (one of those sweet circumstances when a book landed in my lap at precisely the time I most needed it). Both speak to her intelligence, her way of seeing the world, her wit, her humor, and her poignancy.  I hope you read them and something resonates.  And that you smile.


  1. I feel the same way about her death. It was such a shock and I still find it unbelievable, especially after spwatching her videos last night - she seems so alive, vibrant, caring, wise, funny. Such a loving slice today - thank you.

  2. I loved her books and used them all the time. I heard about her Encyclopedia book from Penny Kittle. She will be greatly missed. Her article from the New York Times had me in tears yesterday.

  3. This is a really lovely tribute to a really wonderful person. Her passing has been much on my mind. I really appreciated your reflection.

  4. I love those last few lines about her enchantment and eventual disenchantment with her box. I will fall asleep tonight thinking about my own. Thank you for writing this, Haley.