Sunday, March 19, 2017

Pretty Things

As I waited for 300 years while my child insisted on putting his shoes on himself, I caught myself looking at a print that hangs in our front entry way.  Obviously, I thought it was beautiful, which is why I bought it, but I realized this morning that I walk past it with little more than a cursory glance.  

Part of the beauty of a home is that you fill it with things you love, that bring you joy.  So I took a little walking tour of my home today with new eyes, looking at the things I've chosen to fill it with, the beautiful pieces that help make this space mine.
A gift from my sister-in-law, mixed media

I've often thought about what people would learn about me simply by walking through my house (aside from the fact that we are complete and total slobs).  

So here are a few of the things in my home I like quite a lot.

Story People.  I love these prints.  I babysat for the artist's kids, so they hold a special place for me.

New Valance: A Spring Break Creation
I love the way the light shines through the curta

Yes, this a hand towel.  I adore it.  It reminds me of my grandmother.

Jewelry Holder
A Growth Chart a friend made from recycled barn wood.

African Masks. Two were gifts. I've had them since I was 19.

An incredibly talented friend made this piece for me.

I love the vibrancy of the colors on wood.
Favorite Coffee Mug

Wedding Picture

This window is above our front door and it brings the most amazing light into our home.  I obviously didn't choose it, but I love it nonetheless.

I'm surrounded by beautiful things that bring me joy everyday.  I just need to remember to look at them, to appreciate the quiet beauty they bring.


  1. Beautiful pieces - all of them! They certainly bring joy

  2. It is fun to see what people put up on the walls to express their likes. I love so many of the pieces you have. My walls are full except our bedroom. It was painted last fall just when I had my heart attack and I have yet to put pictures back up. I wanted to put up new things but haven't. This makes me realize I need to get busy and do something about it. Thanks for posting.