Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Things I Take for Granted

I was thinking today about the things I take for granted.

-the exuberant squeal of my three boys when I walk in the door and they come running to give hugs and talk a million miles a minute about their day

-that I know how to replace the toner in the copy machine without help

-my students ask me to write them letters of recommendation, which allows me to celebrate all they've achieved

-a hundred hellos in the hallway

-I can finally buy groceries and splurge on fruit without worrying about my bank account balance

-I have time to read

-that I need nothing more than an idea to create something beautiful

-a life rich with kind, wonderful people who love me unconditionally


-buds bursting open on trees

-new friends with whom I immediately click

-all-enveloping hugs



  1. This is lovely. And don't we all need time to reflect on what we take for granted. I may steal this idea one day

  2. What a wonderful reflection to look back upon when you may be feeling down. This is a great exercise for me to do myself.

  3. I love this idea for a post! Thanks for sharing your words.

  4. Love the topic that you have chosen. I also may have to steal this topic.

  5. What a unique slice - never thought to list what I take for granted. So enjoyed reading your list. Too often we take the people in our life for granted - I have to be careful of that. Thank you for reminding me not to.

  6. All-enveloping hugs. I love that, and it's definitely something worth spending time feeling grateful for.