Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Title's Still Mine

On A days, a few boys always arrive to class early. I have a little basketball hoop in my classroom and kids love nothing more than to challenge me. 

Let me be clear, I am not an athlete in any sense of the word.  My form is abysmal.  However, my aim is pretty good.  So, while I may look ridiculous (figure-skateresque, my students would say) when the ball finally flies, I often make the basket.  And I'm not a quiet celebrant.

This morning-- the final day before Spring Break-- Cade wandered around the room swooping and dancing and singing along (terribly) to his music while Dalton and I challenged one another to see who could make the most shots.  Arnes watched on, periodically offering observations.  Several snapchats were sent out into the universe. I looked like a total baller.

I am highly competitive by nature and trash talk is my second tongue.  I never anticipated that my days would begin with a game of hoops and competition with a student, but I'm grateful that it so frequently does.  The content is important, but so is being human to one another.  My kids know I love them, but I'll trash talk with the best of them.  They can aim high, aspire, but I'm not too humble to boast that the hoop title is still mine.

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  1. What a lovely way to start the day - especially with an intact title! Have a lovely break.