Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Humility of Injury

I recently returned to running.  By running I mostly mean labored intervals of jogging and walking. As is typical, I probably pushed too far too fast.  I'm using a program to help build stamina.  After finishing a recent workout, I decided to push further and ran another mile and a half.  Had I been in the habit, it probably wouldn't have hurt, but I hadn't been.  I'd been running for about a week and half.  And now I've suffered an injury, which is incredibly frustrating on several counts.

First, those daily runs were a tremendous balm to an anxious mind.  Running through the woods reminded me how small and insignificant many of the issues I've been toiling over really are. Second, fresh air and sun.  Third, dedicated time to be myself.  Finally, though it's mindset alone, somehow the act of taking off running at full tilt made me feel like I could leave some of the demons behind for a bit, get them off my tail. There was freedom in that.

But now I'm in pain.  I know rest is probably what I need, but that's hard.  Patience has never been my gift.  I went to the chiropractor.  I bought new shoes.  I'm hopeful I can get back on the trail soon. But it's frustrating.  Sometimes we feel like we're making progress only to discover that we have to take a few steps backward again.  I know the injury will heal.  I know now I need to spend more time stretching and pacing and and listening.  Time will heal.  But the waiting's hard.

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